Winter Training

With a new innovative approach, IT DOON presents an exciting opportunity this winter for all the students to savor the delights of Placements, Industrial Exposure and Quality Training. This winter, gather your energy and vitality to undergo valuable and rigorous winter training in over 50+ technologies from IT DOON.

It’s high time for candidates to decide aptly for short revision sessions, being placement drives knocking each campus. IT DOON winter Training Programs caters the dual need of revisions for placements and major projects as well. The recent hiring trends of companies’ reveals that self-made major project, Industrial training and clarity of concepts are preferred the most. In this winter session, students can experience the entirely new and innovative teaching methodologies with certifications from MICROSOFT, ORACLE, AUTODESK, PANASONIC and NUVOTON so that they can develop the “Spark to shine in the Technical World”.

The chilly and snowy winter is an excellent time for the students to brush up their skills and gain Industrial Exposure. So the advice for the student is “Don’t wait for the SUMMER TRAINING, seize the moment that is in front, and join our valuable winter Training course that comes with assured Placement assistance.